America's Mosquito Service®

Yardscreen is a public health vector management service corporation that provides an integrated set of mosquito and vector control solutions for residential, commercial, and government customers. The core Yardscreen Mosquito Service is a monthly barrier application using U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-approved insecticides around your home or business that effectively reduces mosquito populations. This approach is a recognized utilization of decades of science and technology focused on the abatement of mosquitoes in urban areas. It is a cost-effective, zero maintenance, non-permanent, and anytime solution that eliminates mosquito nuisance.

Think Outside, Think Freedom, Think Yardscreen®

As public health professionals, mosquito control and vector management is The Yardscreen Company's only business. It is our core competency and that is why we are America's Mosquito Service. We don't offer half measures such as traps, gimmicks such as misting systems, expensive temporary fixes available at home improvement stores, and we won't require you to buy other "pest control services". The Yardscreen Program is based on a strategy we call Integrated Mosquito Management. We take care of the environment at the same time that we eliminate the problem and the worry.

Improving America’s Quality of Living, Protecting America’s Health®

The Yardscreen Company is the partner consumers, businesses, and governments across America and in strategic locales across the globe trust for effective, economically-affordable, environmentally-balanced, and socially-acceptable control of public health nuisance and prevention of vector-borne disease.

  • Monthly insecticide barrier program.
  • Dedicated to human and environmental protection standards.
  • Total lifecycle management.
  • Versatile solution for ever-changing conditions.
  • Value-priced for every home and business.