Starting (somew)here.

Chess pieces

Come join Public Health Corp in the war to rebuild our health systems into functioning models that are accessible, affordable, and improving. Our menloparc labs are accessible via cloud9197938339.

Destructive Innovations

The better idea. The idea of we versus them equals US. Its not a competition. It’s a war. We're not trying for market share. We want the market. The current healthcare stakeholders may or may not survive as singular entities. If they do, it will be because they have adapted to our rules. We will make them stronger. Desperation catalyzes an urgency that can transform the norm. Everyday we look at the world and adapt to the broken parts that are essential but out of our control. By nature the nation's healthcare industry is destructive to consumers. It might be able to fix you if you are broken, but you feel powerless as its ongoing costs erase your ability to save for your future and invest in your present. As a company, we've embarked on programs to change what healthcare is. It’s an endeavor we are powerless to undertake as individuals, but together we can change that and more.

Constructive Institutions

The Public Health Corp is dedicated to bridging profitable and growing business models with associated charitable initiatives. The primary goals inherent in all of our activities are performing services and offering products that viably satisfy a multitude of needs for consumers and society better than available alternatives. Success for our company and our shareholders is defined by reaching critical mass in our areas of expertise, then leveraging our abilities with public support and non-profit partners to achieve even greater economies of scale that will benefit large and small demographic constituencies. The greater good is powerful and encapsulates our motivations, but there is also a peace and magic in making even one person's life just a little bit better now and into the future.

Building the better (hu)man.

Our mission is to provide profitable products and services that will enable consumers across the globe to live healthier higher quality lives.

  • Build significant choices that will persistently benefit the most people
  • Leverage networks to create efficient Institutions through managed change
  • Utilize straight-line strategies to eliminate obstacles and achieve adoption with scale