Health industry consultants.

Health organizations cannot just idle in place, neither can they coast to just any result. Not in the industry where the Public Health Corp competes. Change is here, and it is more than a slogan. Make it your crucible, make it your benchmark for mission accomplished. Our Health Engineers can fuel the ability of providers, payors, programs, governments and others to not just get the job done, but to do it better than expected. Our focus is to prepare your organization to meet the approaching health wars in America. If you need reinforcements to improve performance in current operations, delivering care, information technology, finance, compliance, strategic planning, or to expand programs and services—we can implement your goals faster and cheaper than anyone. We have done it before, and in the process of implementing solutions for your specific challenges, we will prepare your organization for the future. Partnering with us will benefit your stakeholders, and most importantly your customers.

Livinguide, a Health Engineers practice in action.

Livinguide offers qualified staffing for assisted living in a range of settings from institutions to residential. We are true partners in being able to provide the most consistent and measurable quality of care for those who need it most. When you have the responsibilities for a bottom-line that is charged with supporting precious cargo, including Livinguide consultants in your resource deployment will provide the competitive advantage that will win for you and for those in your care.

Aim + Urgency + Competence = Confidence

Business process improvements. Technology Leveraging. Managed Risk. Profitable Operations. Customer Satisfaction. What is most important? Which is/are sacrificed to achieve another. Why can't we have it all? Your organization can achieve its mission. It has to, but will your organization exceed its mission? With the Public Health Corp, we'll navigate past those expectations together.

  • Resourcing Support
  • Strategic Planning
  • Program Implementation and Management
  • Information Technology Operations
  • Financial Systems
  • Compliance