Your safety net.

The United States has more opportunities to access healthcare products and services than anywhere else in the world. One of the reasons is because health companies know they will make more money here. It is in a word, expensive. Everyone gets paid. And as the patient or customer, you do the paying even when money may not be available. In 2008, the nation found that every financial institution pulled legitimate credit sources from consumers to pay for their own market gambling losses. These are credit lines that many citizens set up to use specifically in the event of a health emergency. These same banks and finance companies cannot be trusted to help with your wellness in the future. Turn to the Public Health Corp and MedicineFunds because we have one goal—to enable health purchases for Americans. If you need healthcare, we’ll make sure you can pay for it.

Approved and available.

Being able to quickly access credit to pay for a hospital emergency, or doctor’s fees, or health insurance, or necessary prescriptions should be as easy as obtaining a competitive price for that product or service and buying it hassle-free. The Medicine Funds believe that the risk to your health should never be weighed against long-term financial stability.

When you need it most.

A healthy lifestyle lessens the likelihood that you or your family will need regular medical attention. And having money instantly accessible and dedicated for that inevitable need is crucial to living a life of liberty in mind and spirit. The Medicine Funds are here to help.

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