Real doctors, virtual offices.

It would appear obvious—the MedOnCall application of technology to the practice of medicine. But where is it? Right in front of you. We’re not the first, but we will make it ubiquitous across the globe. We are creating the de-facto platform for doctors and patients to access the "system" over the secure internet. This System incorporates confidential conveniences for patients, the elimination of exorbitant overhead for providers, and creates quick and thorough decisions processes tailored instantly to each user. Participate in bringing health encounters into the future and you’ll own the ability to turn time and space into money. When we talk about "This is your tomorrow," MedOnCall is a solution which fits the description—today.

The doctor is (always) in.

A doctor’s appointment in front of your computer or television? Yes, it’s for real. And it’s now! Use voice or typing to communicate over the high-speed internet. Think simplicity when you think about MedOnCall. Forget the multitude of forms—our doctors only require the minimum. And forget the waiting room. There isn’t one! You’ll be able to meet the doctor of your choice, at your convenience, and get the help you need.

Secure, confidential.

Appointments through MedOnCall will increase your confidence in the private nature of your health conversations. Our platforms exceeds the thresholds of state and federal law set for protecting your individual health information now and in the future.

  • Webcam appointments, never recorded
  • Follow-ups, referrals, prescriptions
  • Instant emergency assessments
  • In-person appointments available