Road to recovery.

If we understand where we are and how we arrived, then we can begin to map a route of escape. But to where? Imagine that you are watching a movie trailer describing a thriller with a storyline featuring the oppressed, an epic battle, destruction of the evildoers, and liberation of the people. It all sounds cryptic or too familiar, but follow us here for a moment. Each of us is starring, by ourselves or with our family, in something very similar, let’s call it our own real-life healthcare action-adventure. We are suffering, we are ready to fight but we don’t know our strength, we don’t know if we will win or what is in store for us if we do. We only have hope that we can be free, that there is a happy ending. Healthstreak will supply the power you need to control health costs that currently surpass 20% of household income. Fight back. Join us. Multiply you and the next person across America and the new network will begin to roll-back rising health pricing and decreases in service.

Competitive exchange.

The goal is simple... lower health costs for the consumer. Competition for buyers among doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, pharmacies, you name it, will lead to lower costs and also to quality improvements. Healthstreak is the cloud-native marketplace where health product and service providers will literally fight for your business. All of the information you need to make a purchase decision is finally available and growing, easy to understand, confidential and secure.

Battle Hymns and Requiems: Saving Private Healthcare

Healthstreak is the way for industry participants to win better pricing, win customers, win market share, win competitive advantages. Public Health Corp’s free-market connections between businesses, customers and partners in the health industry are the key components that will make up fair and improving systems on both sides of a deal.

  • Pricing and purchase information processing
  • Consumer decision control
  • Provider and payor CRM