Nutrition for life.

Nutrition and exercise is the watershed for improved long-term wellness with less dependency on health systems and their associated costs. We’ve discovered the nexus that elevates basic economic sustenance to performance-enabling culinary master works. iDinners is developing food and drink products traditionally targeted to and priced for elite athletes or palate connoisseurs. With the iDinner Health System, you can afford the most desired meals on earth, knowing that it is right for you every time. Everyone diets. Every meal is a diet by definition. So let your diet take you places you’ve only read about. Taste the Art, Feel the Technology in every iDinner.

Stay home and eat out—every night.

Starving of the World Unite! Your sirens song is beckoning you to the table. We’re replacing so-so, expensive mealtime choices with a new American menu. At the same time we are lowering our customer’s daily per diem food and beverage expenses. This is an important development because the future is signaling the advent of economic variables that will weigh increasingly on discretionary expenses. iDinners are the real choice for a real future.

For those about to dine, we salute you.

Whether you aspire to ascents of Everest or riding in the Tour de France or looking your best and feeling 39 forever, iDinners are the fuel that baselines you living the life you want.

  • Haute Cuisine from the world to you.
  • Maximum health essentials.
  • Hand-made for 75% less than the restaurant price.