Infer and Outcomes

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Or why health insurance CEOs should remember the year 1905.

Mirrors and Crystal Balls.

This is your today. Increasing health costs with less value for every American. There are causes and culprits, but there are also solutions. Driving this depression-era care and coverage system are the usual suspects such as politicians, insurance companies, lawyers, colossal government programs, un-optimized technology, monopolistic hospitals, overpaid professionals, and many others. They have expanded a dysfunctional system that shortchanges every citizen out of a fair, competitive, efficient, quality-driven, self-improving marketplace where the consumer rules. Power in the hands of the buyer is the key to establishing the healthcare archetype for the 21st century. And we're on it. The Public Health Corporation is engineering new consumer landscapes where you will actually find justice and freedom in the doctors you see, the medicines you take, the hospitals you stay, and the insurance and medical services you buy. This is your tomorrow.